The Boudoir Self-Portrait Project 2019

A Project of Necessity: Desiring Myself

I have always had a complicated but all too common relationship with my body. From issues with food, over eating obsessing over excersize while also self loathing and picking apart every piece of my appearance. I have fluctuated drastically in my weight over the years and recently had gained quite a bit. I felt too self conscious to take my photos or even show myself in any way. This project was about taking back control of my health and happiness.

Bodies are funny things.
They are our vehicles, our homes. our temples, our prisons.

Each photo felt like a terrifying new endeavor, and sharing them was just the exposure therapy I needed to get back into the art form I loved. The Boudoir Selfie Project explores themes of texture, textile, costume patterns and layers. Using lingire and clothing to express my sensuality, sexuality, self love and body positivity.

The Body Positivity Movement: Opportunity and Outlet

The body positivity movement, especially on social media like Instagram, has been such a blessing for me and so many women like me who struggle with body image and acceptance. It is a platform we can use to relate, empower, inspire and accept each other and I credit this movement greatly for giving me the opportunity and outlet share my relationship to my own body.

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